How Much Does It Cost To Change A Flight With Air Canada?

Is it possible to change flight with Air Canada? Almost all the passengers are aware while buying their tickets that they can change their flight anytime before the departure. However, it becomes tricky when the change fee is involved, and every airline offers different change flight policies. Furthermore, flights charge differently for other classes and tickets; sometimes, it also depends on per flight. Based on that, refund policies also changed. While making a decision, one has to include all these details. For your convenience, all the essential information related to Air Canada change flight policy is shared with you.

What is the Air Canada Change Flight Policy?

Some standard rules must be followed while changing a flight. Follow these terms and conditions:    

  • In case you are changing a flight on the purchasing day only, generally, the airline doesn’t charge anything to modify.
  • When you are changing a flight after 24 hours of booking your flight, then as per the rules, you have to pay a fee usually based on the fare and route you have decided.
  • Air Canada is known for flexible flight costs, as passengers are permitted to adjust their flights per their new plans. If you inform the airline earlier, they may give you little relaxation in changing the fee.
  • Any change is impossible if the flight has departed.
  • The ticket should be bought from the official website of Air Canada and any authorized center. If not, you can request your third-party agent to change the flight on your behalf.

All tickets required to meet Air Canada change flight rules and regulations.

The process to change a flight with Air Canada

Just like the policy, changing a flight process is equally flexible at Air Canada. There are various ways to change your reservation for a flight. The ticket center or phone number +1-888-247-2262 can be used to change a flight. Besides, there is an online mode, which is also the most preferred by passengers to change their flight. Follow these easy steps to change reservations at Air Canada.

  • Visit
  • Click My Booking.
  • Enter the booking details like last name and ticket/ reference number.
  • Modify the details as per your current plans.
  • If needed, you have to pay the fare difference.

Congratulations, once you complete this process, your flight will be changed. For confirmation, you can always check the mail sent to you with your new ticket. If there is a delay in the mail due to some technical changes, feel free to contact customer service. This is all you have to do for Air Canada to change flight process.

Criteria for changing a flight with Air Canada 

Have you made up your mind to change a flight time or date? Air Canada changes the flight fee you have to pay. Check the details of how much you have been charged.

  • If you book Basic Economy tickets, you are only permitted to cancel your flight and book again as per your requirement. Else, you aren’t allowed to change a flight. For holding a Standard Economy ticket, you are expected to pay USD 100 within 60 days of the scheduled departure time.   
  • Flex ticket passengers have to pay a fee of around USD 50 if changing a flight within 60 days. Unless unable to modify within 24 hours. In case opting for a costlier option, include paying the price difference.
  • Once the 24-hour window is over to change a flight, comfort fares will cost you approximately USD 25 60 days before the scheduled departure time.
  • These are the terms and conditions for changing a flight that you should be aware of for a better traveling experience.

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